Saturday, 29 October 2011

Made in Britain...

Brompton Bikes, world famous for there iconic small wheeled folding bikes,
On my wishlist and need to add one to the collection in the near future...


  1. They certainly are great bikes. I look forward to seeing what their current development projects come up with..!!


  2. I want one to leave in the car boot, need to be BRG colour of course!

  3. I decided last April a Brompton would be my next bike. There is a bike shop in Minneapolis (150 miles south of Duluth) that is a Brompton dealer. I visited it and checked out the Bromptons. I'd have one already, but I'm saving for a big bike adventure in 2012. The Brompton will have to wait until that adventure is done. A practice in patience for sure.

    I plan on using it for travel. It will be great to throw in the rental car when we travel to visit relatives. And there is talk and planning going on to re-establish train service between Duluth and Minneapolis. If that happens the Brompton will be the perfect bike to take on the train.

  4. Maybe the delay will be worth the wait Doug as they are bringing some new ideas out, maybe some cool new stuff and more choice,