Thursday, 24 November 2011

One World...

I am seeing one of everything again!
One tv, one clock on the wall, one mug of tea etc,
I walked to the hospital a 1/3 mile yesterday and looked at the sun and fluffy clouds blowing by without squinting, I think i will always appreciate having my sight after this scare.
I will still be off work and not cycling for a couple of weeks yet, but it is so good to see stuff ok again and be able to do some reading, TV, and browse the web again! -:)

Still no idea what it was that floored me, maybe a virus or infection, but as quick as my eye sight went blurry it has mostly returned to near normal over Sunday/Monday, Phew...
I am still waiting for a date for a scan which may diagnose what happened...

Thanks everyone for the get well wishes!, there is a lot of good folk out there in the world!,

I can do some stuff at home now to keep busy and write some future posts,
In the meantime a great wee film that appeared online starring Ed Oxley of Singletrack World Magazine, non cyclists will have a giggle at this too -:)

Hebden Bridge to Kendal with four bikes. This was filmed for the Kendal Film Festival 2011 - Bike Night hosted by Ed Oxley ( with special guest Clay Porter.

We decided to take an adventure and managed to use four bikes - Kinisis Tripster, On One Snow Bike, Labyrinth Agile, and an On One 29er.


'Battlescars' by The Travelling Band

'If You Can't Make Me Happy' by Kirsty Almeida

'Lover Come Close' by Sion Russell Jones


  1. Pleased things have improved on the 'eye' front for you...thanks for sharing the film with us- really entertaining.


  2. Glad to see you back.

  3. I am glad that everything is going well!

  4. Nice you are (almost) back on track.

    Ed Oxley is the "English" version of the big Yin?? LOL

  5. p.s. great film thanks for sharing

  6. Great wee flick, the guys front room is looking as clutterd as my wee flat,glad your feeling better mate.
    david k.

  7. Glad to hear you are better...Best wishes. Tnaks for the stoke!

    Idaho USA
    (Newish Pugsley owner, thanks in no small part to you!)

  8. Whilst I read your blog I dont think I've commented before but very pleased you're on the mend. A great film and loved the music too. Look forward to your future posts. All the best.

  9. Ye'll be back in the Winton in no time then eh? I'll get ye a pint.