Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Xmas hols fatty ride 2011

This years Xmas Hols fat bike ride (day after Boxing day) was a cross country loop from my house  which was 99.9%  off road.
 Dave and Jason joined me on there pugsleys, not many riding pics as we were er... riding!.
The 14mile loop took a while as a lot was slow speed on soft trails, perfect for the pugsleys which left little evidence of our passing, it has been a very mild Xmas, and very windy at that, calm today it is to be Gales again up to the 31st, back to work a couple of days then time to  celebrate Hogmany,  as i always do now with a bike ride and a toast from the hip flask...


  1. I don't know how you do it Bruce ! But you've got the habit of conjuring these magical rides out of nowhwere. Top day out on the Pugs !

    THANKS :o)

  2. 99% off road...leaving from your house... jelly babies ...a flask... friends...Well done. Best wishes in the new year!

  3. Finally took the plunge and purchased a Contour Roam. I was wondering what you use (tripod?) when you're camera is off-bike/helmet and you're filming yourself ride by/

  4. Was a nice we ride!,

    for a compact camera i use a cheap Gorrila (tri)pod i bought on ebay, with the Go Pro i use either the helmet mount, chest mount or handlebar mount attached to various points of the bike (fork etc),
    Try filming with it attached to the helmet first, you will realise how much you look about after your first film!, but will get used to thinking where the camera is pointing, a gorrilla tripod is ideal for sitting the camera on posts, branches or rocks etc for ride by shots, sometimes i take an old full size tripod with me which i can carry on the rear rack,