Friday, 3 February 2012

Space Week on coastrider blog

Countdown to the weekend...


`coastkid you are go for landing`...


There is something really special about pulling a complete new bike out of a box.
It has been 5 or 6 years since i bought a complete bike.
My Surly Karate Monkey 29er was a new frame set with used parts. The Pugsley was all new but built by a shop.
This bike has been 6 months in coming here since i first saw it on line and pre ordered it.
I have sat patiently waiting to hear the word from Charlie the Bikemonger and it arrived last week...
I am more excited about getting this than when i waited for the Pugsley, as i did not know what the Pugsley was capable of riding over at the time, or just how much fun riding it in new places would be.
This new bike i know will make even more unrideable areas  er... ride able.
I think i am one of the last to get one out of all those on line who showed interest last year, but i know there is a long queue now for one..
This folks is pugsley`s new big brother - The Moonlander...

With its 4 inch (100mm) rims and 4.7"  `Big Fat Larry` tyres this thing is enormous huge!.
Its the bike Snake Plissken would have loved...
Its a Pugsley on steroids, it takes flotation to the next level.
Designed to go where no mortal bicycle has gone before... -:)
Thanks to my friend Jason for these photos,

Here is a cool song to listen too, click on, then scroll through the pics... lots of  fun times ahead... -:)

Touchdown on the coast soon...


  1. That's an awesome bike. I have a Fat Sand Bikes Terrain Destroyer with 100mm rims and 4" tires. It does have quite the footprint.

    Currently, I am building up a Mukluk with 80mm rims and knobbier tires for year-round trail use, here in Colorado. Blogs such as yours helped me make the decision to go fat. Thanks for all your input!

  2. I know you've had one on order for a long time. I wandered into a bike shop the other day, and they had one in my size. So I bought it. I felt a little guilty getting one before yours arrived. I feel better now.

    Nice wheelie!

    Go get that thing dirty!


  3. I know we ride bikes at opposite ends of the weight spectrum.....but I have to say that bike looks AWESOME..!! Worth the wait I would say....
    I look forward to reading about your future rides on it.....
    As 'Uncle Don' says "Go get that thing dirty"!!!


  4. Aye, forget about racks and frame bags. Does it come with a three point linkage or PTO?
    Mad bike Bruce but I bet your happy!

  5. A cheesy quote but i am "Over the moon with it" -:)

  6. like the thumbshifters , dont know why more bikes dont use them

  7. The thumbies work ace Trav!,
    No litle plastic bits to break, putting Paul mounts on the pug with old end shifters for similar set up, and eventully the KM 29er too. Thumbies are back! -:)

  8. You are all smiles in the pictures. I took your suggestion and played the music while I viewed the unveiling. It was perfect....I had goosebumps. Can't wait to see what adventures await you and your Moonlander.