Saturday, 18 August 2012

Saturday XC Pugsley ride

Dad will be in Hospital for another couple of weeks and today i was not visiting so as he wishes i was out on my bikes - keeping the dream alive -:)

It is really hot and muggy at 25C + and very humid. Those over the pond probably do not think this is very hot but here in the UK it is with our weather conditions.
I was out on the Pugsley this morning around the East side of the local Garlton Hills. After more heavy rain there was knee deep cattle hoof footprints and it was very muddy off of the Ridge road on the many single track trails made by the passage of hooves, but it was a change from the coast and taking the Pugsley instead  of the semi fat Karate Monkey 29er was a good choice for when crossing those wet hoof print areas...
Only 10 miles on the trip but out for over 4 hours as i took the Go Pro and did some filming, as always the Go pro seems to flatten the steepness of slopes ridden, some are steep, esp without dropping the seat...

Anyway here are a few pics...

Wee film, song is `Get Down` (Instrumental) by Nas...


  1. Nice vid, Bruce.
    I really must come up and sample some of your trails round there; love that rocky burn!

  2. Hi Bruce,
    Very nice film indeed. Just one question: what kind of tripod do you use to take the off-bike shots?
    Luke, Belgium

  3. The rocky burn was a bit steeper than the camera showed and good to descend Geoff!

    Hi Luke, its just a cheapy £20 tripod i bought on Amazon with the thread that holds a regular camera removed and a Go Pro adhesive mount stuck on.

    1. Thanks for the info. I've been following your blog for quite some time now and I like your no-nonsense approach to cycling very much, keep up the good work. And you're a lucky man to live in such a beautiful place.