Friday 14 December 2012

The German...

Most people in the UK  have no idea about Ireland being Neutral during WW2...
240 Allied and German Pilots shot down were enterned on the Island for the duration of the war..
Some from both sides would became friends and stayed after the war ended and made a life there...


  1. Ah yes, the neutrality of Eire. There were a few folk that were a wee bit anti-British in the free state. Some of them might have been a bit pro German too. The Nazi bit is a different matter. Film looks good but I got kicked off after they got to the woods? What happens?

  2. They are told to lay down their arms and told Welcome to Ireland` Ped,
    Just like in the TV advert!

  3. Oh, you will prob know why many RAF fighter pilots carried a pistol in there cockpits too,
    It was not planned to be used on anyone else...

  4. There's a German airmans graveyard in Gleecree, Co. Wicklow. One of the most peaceful places you can be. Most of these men were interred in Curragh Camp, Co.Kildare. (Now Defence Forces HQ). Locals will tell you these men were let out at weekends to go to the pub! Some British pilots were repatriated to Northern Ireland - supposedly.

  5. I am not a history buff and avoid politics, but this is interesting.

    Thanks for the post,

  6. pat; thanks for the interesting information,

    RL; Thanks for looking in