Friday, 3 May 2013

Mid Week Trails - Morham to Gifford

Friend Colin had a loan of my Pugsley for the weekend of FORTH FAT,
I drove over mid week for a trail ride loop around his back yard and took the Moonlander, not the usual choice for xc trails but why not?, maybe be not good through muddy areas but float is good on most trails even with the big smooth 4.7"  tyres.

Inland from the coast here in East Lothian the soil is usually heavier red clay and often wet off road on trails.
The recent dry windy weather has left many areas real dry and the trails and tracks are fast rolling.
I followed Colin through a farm of junk including an old Rolls Royce, dry rough hard core tracks, along old overgrown trails recently cleared, new paths, snaking woodland single track and down along an old winding river through an estate that's woodland is full of huge ancient trees and old stone bridges...

Roll the pics;

Its a hard life, but someone has to do it...

The trail  of the evening...
Song is `A New Dimension In Sound`  by PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING


  1. Great single track, walked it before and had wedding reception in the Tweeddale Arms !!

  2. Some good fast trails around Gifford when it is dry Stuart!, we both had never noticed the Cycle Touring Club crest on the wall of the hotel before!