Saturday, 23 November 2013

Same Old; and i`m Perfectly Happy With It Too! -)

Fellow Blogger and Grey Pugsley owner Joe; The Adventures of Joboo   recently posted a blog and  describes his `dark-time  riding has always begun with a frozen creek and within a few weeks is cycling  across a frozen lake.
Then Joe says something that made me think;
"Same old!! same old!!"
"Funny thing is it hasn`t gotten old"
"Maybe something to do with the bike??!!"

I agree!, my blog is basically the same, regular rides on the coast, same places most of the time...
but it is not getting old to do... far from it!...
Maybe it is indeed the bike Joe!, mine is going back to grey very soon! -)

Life is Good -)


  1. We bailed early today. Bit baltic. Don't remember any mini oranges at Aberlady either.

  2. Was not on the coast until midday after i visited my dad.
    was cool!, but warm after last weeks raw spell!
    catch you next time!

  3. I'm along the same bit of coast everyday with Fly. Like your blog, the route is basically the same, but the views are different every time. It's what you take from it.

  4. Agree Ped!
    Thanks Joe for your blog post which made me think about what i do, and how much i enjoy it!