Monday, 17 February 2014

Hello Winter Sun...

After a gloomy damp cold couple of weeks Sunday dawned a revelation!-clear skies!, the bluest of blues!
Was going to see dad in the afternoon at the nursing home so was out just after sunrise at 8.30am, Mowgli came along for a run and i drove to Seacliff and we ended up riding over 3 hours on the coast riding across some of the Carr Rocks exposed by the low tide, then right around Tyninghame to the Tyne Estuary and back, home for midday and some lunch then down to visit dad, along with My mum, big bro, O, L & Ella, and nephew C,
A clear sunny day in winter is very lifting, esp at the weekend!,  happy days...

"Early bird catches the worm", and also gets the beach to himself!,
And Seacliff was deserted and Mowgli and i had one of the most scenic parts of East Lothian`s coastline to ourselves, so i shot some film. Used the compact Canon and some Go Pro chest cam footage,

Youtube is not allowing the film to be shown on mobile devices-prob due to copyright on the music i used,

Song is `The Shape is in a trance` by Thurston Moore
click on the cog icon to view in HD

The whole youtube thing of copyright issues with some tracks and pop up adverts makes me think the small cost to have any lenght of film and unlimited uploads to Vimeo makes it a much better option to post films on, Anyways here is a Vimeo link for those with mobile devices! no need to click an icon to view in HD-it does it automatically!...

more soon...


  1. Nice! Great pics! I too took advantage of the weather and rode the Clyde Walkway all the way to New Lanark then kept going to ride up and down Tinto Hill. Great day out on the Beargrease.......about 110km on the Nates and over 5000 feet of climbing. ;-)

  2. Thats a big day out on the fatbike Sanny!, ace!
    Catch up soon!