Sunday, 29 June 2014

More mid summer local trails

Was out every evening cycling last week, usually just a couple of hours soon as home from work,
The Surly Karate Monkey is riding real nice with the new cheap Rock Shox fork, nice and plush being coil sprung...

Here`s some tracks right on my doorstep to the nearby village...
need to click on the cog icon to view in HD
song is `Born to be Wasted` by 009 Sound System

And here one of our nicest trails from East Linton along side the river Tyne to Hailes...
again need to click on the cog icon to view in HD
song is `Buckie High` by Boards of Canada

Been back on the beaches over the weekend!, more soon...

Map for you Peter!


  1. Great films Bruce, loved them both. I don't suppose you have a wee map of the trails in the first video esp the first 3 mins as they look great for running.

    I was up the riverside trails in the second during the recent Traprain Law Race (aye the same one your bro won a few years ago.) Are these clips at actual speed or have you enhanced the pace??? A good deal faster than we were running (even back downstream) and v impressive if real time.

    Love the bits where it is so overgrown you have your hands off the bars to avoid nettles. All that sun and rain making them big this year - my legs have been tingling!

    Sound track to first vid = 009 Sound System, Born to be wasted.

  2. Hi Peter, jost posted a map for you above :)
    That first 3 mins are just 20 yards south along the road of the entrance to the East Fortune Museum of flight, just before a roadside cottage after you pass a junction, it joins the dirt track in the film then through the second small wood (which was the bomb storage during WW2) then the track goes to Crauchie Farm, then you can go to Markle at the Level crossing after going under the railway bridge.

    Film was not sped up, none of them ever are, i was just honking along-and preying no new logs were lying and no more holes from erosion slides into the tyne! :)

    Thanks for the heads up on the tune!

  3. He he, that second film with descent off the hails steps was nuts. Seriously, do you think you could go any faster on a CR 250, or whatever, from back in the days?

  4. Probably not Ped!, Cannot go as quick on any Fatbike aswell, folk keep banging on about then replacing regular mountainbikes, not on trails like these, they just don`t responed to hard cranking like this ;)