Sunday, 15 February 2015

Budget Fatbike stuff; Surly Pugsley offset wheel build, cost?, how about FREE!

After some more wheeling and dealing i built some more Pugsley Fatbike wheels, both offset,

Surly 32 hole Large Marge rims;  free/trade with Eddie who upgraded to  a pair of Surly `Marge Lites`, i helped out with some shorter spokes.
Stock Pugsley hubs (Surly front, Shimano rear);  i swapped a WW2 German waterbottle with  friend Craig who upgraded his Pugs to Hope hubs...

Using Pro Wheelbuilder Spoke Calculator is easy, just enter your hub and rim and it works out your spoke lenghts needed...
Spokes; I stripped out an old pair of 26" MTB wheels (262mm for front, 160mm for rear)

Built and trued them in a bike in the living room,

Rim tape;  Duct tape!

Cost;  FREE :)

These wheels while having a Shimano rear hub is not ideal for long term salt water exposure on the coast,  but still a usefull wheel set to have for quick tyre changes for riding trails etc...

More soon...

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