Wednesday 3 June 2015

Surly ECR; 99% finished!,

That`s the ECR as good as finished!

Frame set; size Medium,
Wheels; Stock Surly Krampus wheels bought used last year (rear to swap out to Hope hub),
Tyres Surly Knard 29+ set up Ghetto tubeless (split tubes) 160mm juice each wheel,
Headset; Cane Creak Forty, 2"  of Hope spacers,
Stem;  Hope 90mm,
Bars; Salsa Woodchipper 46cm wide wrapped with Brooks leather tape,
Levers/shifters;  Shimano SORA 9spd STI,
Crank set; Shimano Deore 10 spd 38/26t (1 spacer on drive side of BB),
Front Mech; Shimano Deore 9 speed  (using a DIY Outer cable stop),
Rear mech; Shimano Deore,
Rear Cassette; Shimano Deore (Outer 11t cog removed and used as spacer to dish cassette),
Chain; Sram 991,
Brakes; Avid BB7  Road,
Seat;  Brooks C17 Cambium
Seat Post Thomson lay back

JanDD  frame pac for pump. tools, spare tube,
Alpkit medium tank bag for camera,
Alpkit seat post bag,
Alpkit bar bag,
As many bottle cages as i wish!,

Keeping the build costs down;
I usually seem to build old frames up with new parts or use older excisting parts on a new frame as here!,
Only the 10 speed double cranks i have bought new for this build that are a bargain with BB at under £60,
Wheels i bought used last year (£250). tyres were some of the free things i was given by good friend Gary B
Frame bags i bought last year for cycling the SUW,
The rest of the stuff was all lifted off  the Karate Monkey,

Success with Shimano double cranks and tyre clearance!;
I have managed to build the bike with a fairly cheap 2 x9 gears set up which engage perfectly.
I was not happy with the changing of the triple chain set i tried and was jumping alot from the middle 32t to outer 42t chain rings too often.
Now the bike has a 26/38 double Shimano Deore and despite the narrower 10 speed chain rings it runs real smooth...

Outer 11t cog used as spacer to get chain clearance with tyre,  no jump in gears using the outer cog...

Alpkit bar bag;
The bar bag mount has been on the bike this week to check the control cable routing and everything seems to be fine with it installed...

Getting the bike fit right, and better brakes;
Since last week i have added a set of used `as new condition` Avid  BB7 road calliper's to get better brakes and remove the soft feel of the MTB callipers i used, and also an as new lay back seat post which along with the 90mm stem now fitted (previously a 70mm) it is the perfect fit,

The ECR eats up rough hardcore tracks like this!, just keeps rolling and so comfortable...

Loved to have just kept cycling today but it`s a school day, and what a day!, another big sky one...

After work and a detour home off road...

Perfect drop bar off road bike;
Just waiting on spokes to arrive and i will lace up one of the spare Rabbit Hole rims i was given by friend Gary B, to a Hope Pro 2 rear hub i pulled out a spare pair of Pugsley wheels, then the bike will just get ridden for fun and adventure, local and further afield...

More soon...


  1. hi i am looking to build up a ecr to run 29 x 3 tyres using components from my stooge. because of budget i cant buy a od crank, how did you get on using the 2 x 10 shimano set up, i have a xt 2 x 10 i was hoping to use but unsure how to get over tyre clearance issues, any advice would be helpful

  2. Hi Jules, the Shimano XT crank worked fine, i added 2 spacers on the BB on the drive side but it would probably been fine with just one.