Wednesday 13 April 2016

It`s Wednesday... and the 13th...that means...

Wednesday time!

Just finished building it up this evening as a 1x11 Rock Crawler for the low tide exposed rocks here on the coast. I have still to Ghetto tubeless it and i am not that convinced on that skinny 11 speed chain at such crazy angles  tp cover all gears and how long it will last when mixed with wet sand, and so i may swap it out for the 1 x 10 on my Krampus. Apart from that, after a short cycle about the street this evening this bike feels real sweet!

Will head to the coast after work...

More soon...


  1. Looks ready for an epic trip! Greetings from Germany :)

  2. It looks great. Looking forward to hearing more of your impressions of this bike. With my original Purple Pugsley turning ten years old in two months I've been contemplating a new fat bike. Unlike when I bought my Pugsley when it was the only choice of fat bikes, the choices are mind boggling now. But the more I think about it I like the Wednesday more and more.