Friday, 2 June 2017

Packed for Capital Trail this weekend...

 Looking forward to the 3rd year of Capital Trail this weekend!,
The old Surly Pugsley has been sitting a few days ready to go,  in `KramPug` 29+ mode with Shimano Alfine 8 speed Internal gear Hub (IGH) the bike has only needed the Alpkit Kanga bar mount added as the bike sports the Alpkit Koala seat bag now and of course it`s original 9 year old Epic Designs full frame bag,

Keeping the weight down;
You can easily ride the Capital Trail carrying no meals or stove to heat food and drinks with the amount of shops and food available on the route, but having no interest in racing, and missing all there is to see riding through the dark hours as well as the laughs and banter along with meeting new friends i opt to carry a stove, some instant meals, as well as trail mix and some Gel bars,
Who knows you could have a mechanical, or help a friend with one, then miss the shops, pubs, or restaurants, so nice to have the option to call it a day and camp and eat wherever it is on the route,

Bar bag;
Attached to the Kanga bar mount harness is a 13 Litre Alpkit Airlock bag with an Alpkit Hunka XL Bivi bag with  rolled up inside my cheap £30  Karrimor 1 season bag, and old Thermorest 3/4 sleeping mat,

Frame bag;
So keeping the weight down i`m again riding with 2 empty bottles on the forks that will get filled before going to camp, or could be used if we get heatwave weather,
In the lower compartment of the frame bag is the MSR stove and Gas cylinder with wind breaker,
Packing it tight to stop rattling is a Alpkit Arro windbreaker,

In the main compartment there is left to right an Alpkit Ti mug with packed tight inside a flint and steel sparker, Gas Cylinder stand, 3 instant coffees and a light powder meal pack (Vegi Cottage Pie), and 2 instant Porridge cartons, a long sleeve top on top of that lot with keep stuff from bouncing around.  There is loads more room in there i could of packed with water proofs or more clothes but there in the seat bag...

Seat bag;
weighing next to nowt in the seat bag is a synthetic down Alpkit Heiko primoloft jacket, and Paclite Alpkit Gravitas jacket and Parrallax trousers...

Trail munchies;
Half of all these packs mixed up and split into the bar mounted Alpkit  Stem cell pouches...

Usual tools in the Alpkit 20 Litre waterproof Gourdon back pack with 2 Litre water bladder added,
Phone, wallet, Midge net, Alpkit Viper II head torch,  travel tooth brush and paste, Plasters, 4 Baby wipes in sealed bag (wash or wipe!)  and that`s about it!...

See all going tomorrow for a fun weekend!...

More soon...

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