Thursday, 19 March 2009

garden greening

things are starting to grow in the garden now days are drawing out and temperatures a bit warmer esp with the good weather for the last week,despite only in its third year the garden has come on well,though the climbers have died back with the early frosts last october,esp the clematis,by june you wont see any of the wood in the picture as it will be a sea of colour.
at the end of last summer i went on a bit of a mad lean-to construction around the garage,firstly a log shed,now empty after winter,and another above the side door then lately a large framework went up at the front,still to be roofed,this will allow doors to be open in wet weather and at the front a work bench with vice (free out of an old garage in wood behind my house) will allow me to do grinding and polishing keeping the garage and contents clean.
i also hope to make a cider press over summer which will sit under the front lean-to allowing it to be washed down after use,the front area of the garage is sloped into grid drains for washing bikes,some lighting will be added once roofed and prob an external mains socket for the power washer,theres always always something to do....

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