Monday, 23 March 2009

spring equinox

was on 20th march which if you don't know is the same hours daylight as dark.
and so now the evening light draws out ,to celebrate i made a wee film down the beach,film quality isn't that good as i used the video setting on my compact camera but I'm happy with some of the pics...

having sold my downhill bike i ordered another surly frameset!,a karate monkey-yep I'm a convert to the big wheel theory(for local trails anyway)so building a geared ridged semi slick 29er to use as a all day/big mile hybrid/easy trails`bike.
i ordered a lot of goodies for the pug too,alfine gear hub,stainless phil wood BB,surly stainless chainring,3/8 stainless chain.middleburn cranks,all the best of kit as I'm not selling this bike ever!!,and want it mega bomber reliable for hard riding conditions,also ordered is a epic designs frame bag and gas tank which i will need for camping trips this summer,including a 2 week trip to the outer hebridean islands of harris and lewis with lots of beach and remote trackless coast riding is pencilled in for june to use the 20+ hours daylight up there around the solstice

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