Friday, 5 November 2010

Gimme some (new) skins...

The Bikechain phoned today to say my new tyres had arrived for the Pugsley...
drove into Edinburgh and picked them up...also a new saddle for the pug,
finished in `the young pretender` Stewart tartan...

the new Larry tyres have been out a while but i hadn't worn out the Endomorphs yet...designed as a front folk have been using them front and rear and there deeper dart shape treads are supposed to be way better in mud...

they look the biz...its pouring with rain tonight so will try them out tomorrow...

and the seat adds a Scottish feel to things...


  1. A saddle in Stewart tartan - how cool is that!!

  2. Sweet saddle Bruce!!!
    My Larry and Endo are sitting at my LBS. By the end of the month I should be ready for them, maybe i could push it till Dec.
    It's hard letting them sit, especially since I've heard nothing but great things about the Larry, and can't wait to slap it on my Pugs!!!

  3. I use Larry since September on both wheels and it is really better than Endo in deep mud! But I mount Larry on the rear wheel in backward position.

    A nice saddle!

  4. will have to try the larry both ways on the back then...seem so much better for the thicker 120 TPI side walls,
    heres a link for the Tartan saddle!

  5. I think you'll love the Larry. Meanwhile...I'm diggin' that saddle!

  6. I'm jealous of the Larry's. Love the saddle.

    I'm stickin with the Endo's for one more season. They're not in the budget this winter. I plan on keeping the Endomorph on the rear and a Larry on the front. 90% of my Pugsley riding is on snow.

  7. the new tyres were a big outlay- they cost more than 2 front tyres for my car!, but i took the money out my savings (now waits for car breakdown!)

  8. Ah, sweet, I should have read this before commenting your latest post...