Monday, 8 November 2010

Ultimate offroader...

My camera finally died on Saturday...ive ordered another Canon as impressed with the quality for the price...
so no pics from a big mud riding session in the woods on the Pugsley with the new Larry tyres...there amazing compare to the old endomorphs...esp up front,gone is the weird steering at 8 PSI..maybe the stiffer 120 TPI sidewalls or the tread,also alot better on off camber muddy 4x4 tracks- its Achilles heal in the past..
strangely my camera seems to still take video though!
offcamber slick ruts like this are easily ridable now,easier than my 29er...

i spent a couple of hours cruising around Binning woods,its silent once in the centre of the woods with no wind...and this now there is a bit of a Blair witch Progect air about them...

This must be the ultimate offroader... Russian built Vityaz CTV...
just tie the Pugsley on the roof and off you go..anywhere you want!


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  2. I felt same impressions with Larry last weekend!
    Unlike you I made a lot of beautiful photos about this ride.

    I am glad to see a nice Russian machine. I drove similar prime-mover called MTLB when I was on military service:

    Normal roads are absent in Russia and nice off-road machines are great Russian tradition. Just look at this brother of our SURLY PUGSLEY:
    It is TRECOL ( It made especially for Far North-East regions of Russia such as my Siberia.

  3. those tracked machines look good fun to drive and those 4X4s look ace!

  4. I've often wondered how the Pugsley copes in mud. Does it float on top making things very slippery? Do the tyres clog up so that it weighes a ton?

  5. it floats on top of Hardpacked mud which is wet after say heavy rain, it was alot worse with the Original Endomorph tyres but alot better with the chunkier Larry tyres (gotta love Surlys product names!)
    it dosnt like thick clay but on most mud its ok...
    great on soft Peat where there is minimum damage withthe float!

  6. That's an amazing video, Coastkid! The ultimate offroader indeed...

    Thanks for the link to the Trecol trucks, macsimka. I can imagine places like Siberia require such extreme machines, though I'd love to own one myself :-)