Friday, 28 January 2011

My New 2nd Blog...

I met fellow East Lothian Blogger Alistair for a couple of pints and a chat Thursday evening over at what is to me my local village Pub...

Alistair`s excellent blog crivens, jings and help ma blog which you may well follow and read, If you don't its worth a look through, he has brilliant Historical reference to Scottish history and also wrote a great series of his late Dads experiences as a WW2 RAF Avro Lancaster tail gunner in 153 can read the full story going back from the end post here some great writing and there is a lot of other great stuff.

I have no interest what so ever in Internet Dating (girls of course-:)
however i am used to meeting folk `off the internet` because i do mountainbiking and as im sure Al felt its like you kind of know someone a bit already through reading there Blog. So we were chatting about blogs and writing and a lot of similar interests and surprise`s about what folk do and don't read...also how most readers you will probably never even visit there country never mind meet...
The world is a small place online but still big if you tried cycling there!,
We both agreed if what we do makes folk happy then its all good.
So Alistair asked why i don't do another Blog along side coastrider as my niche cycling seems to fill the blog on its own and diverse to other stuff on another blog, i had thought about this before a few times and then decided i had enough to do with coastrider and making wee films and uploading pics online etc...
I cycled home from the Pub having enjoyed meeting Al and having had a good blether, then thought about it mostly since and a bit more today at work! (called day dreaming) and decided what to do...

And now its up and running...

Why that name?, well most places i like to go visit,find or explore are often a bit off the beaten track and quite often once had an old Thoroughfare (Road) to them,
I'm doing this as some readers i know dont cycle and love the scenery pics and places i go while some just like the cycling stuff.
So what I'm going to do is keep coastrider going as normal but when i pass or visit somewhere/something like for instance an old castle instead of posting a lot of pictures and info on it i will just post 1 or 2 pics saying what it is then put a link to the other blog where there will be a full post just on the Castle, so if someone wants to read further and see more they can do,i will keep the info basic but also add links to the expert websites (Historic scotland etc..) so anyone can read more into the subject.
Hopefully it will become like a wee database of places of interest around East lothian and further afield on days away and holidays. Often places and things i see can be seen all over scotland like for instance Cold War ROC Bunkers.
Alot is related to all of Scotland and sometimes all of the UK.
Both blogs will have links back and forth often with a small overlap with the emphasis on cycling on Coastrider and whats about to see on No Through Road.
I Will be copying some posts already on Coastrider over to the new blog with maybe an update on information or more or even new pics, using Post titles of the place and labels folk can go straight to places of interest. again films will be split between blogs and sometimes linked,
It will be easier for me to have 2 Blogs instead of trying to cram everything into one post which i try to do all to often-it takes a lot of time!. A cycling only post with pics `from the saddle` is easy and quick to write, write ups on one place take the time researching etc but some places will already be done when i have spare time and sitting in a Draft post ready to post up...
And so that means more time for me to get out and about...theres still plenty to go see and explore...
So come over for a look,I have still to tweak it a bit then will be posting soon on
No Through Road


  1. Thanks for the great chat and couple of pints. Sorry it took so long to finally get together. I couldn't believe almost four hours went so quickly. We should do it again soon.

    Good luck with the new venture.

  2. Love the name of 'yer new blog!