Monday, 17 January 2011

Bike line up for 2011...

Is er...probably going to be the same, shelved plans for a replacement lighter fatbike for several reasons,more of in a bit.

Time for a clear out as i only need 3 bikes;
1. commuter bike (pays for itself in no time)
2. Beach bike,
3. Cross country mountainbike,

So time to sell some stuff but no more Ebay as time you pay selling fee`s etc...
selling stuff word of mouth costs nothing and saves time wasters etc...
so decided to sell my present commuter after returning it to a cross country (XC) bike.
Friend Mikes Dad Wull now is owner of a very rare (in the UK) Cannondale Killer V...

So you should still see pics of that bike from time to time on here...
Although only 7 months old and bought out of curiosity to see why everyone else buys them ive sold my On One 456 frame to friend Paul,
I only need one hardtail mountainbike.

So the idea i had of a fatbike lighter than the Surly Pugsley is a good idea but in reality i already have a better bike that i can carry up trackless hills and also do decent road miles in and out of areas- the Karate Monkey 29er...
The Pugsleys weight doesn't matter for beach riding and riding trackless wet areas on the coast so im just gonna keep on rolling with the Pug...
Also im now tierd of spending every spare penny on Bikes...and parts...

Im also really disappointed at how long bike clothing lasts.
Stitching on alot of stuff is rubbish and all companys seem to be guilty with certain items,
So once existing stuff wears out im buying multi purpose outdoor clothing which i can use cycling,walking,camping and once old even for work,
Im buying a new solo lightweight tent and also a tarp to add to the different camping options and will do more weekends/one nighters away than last year.
I'm also swapping to flat pedals on all bikes, and keeping one pair of Time pedals for my 5 year old pretty worn out Shimano MT90 boots.
I need 2 new pairs of walking boots (summer and winter) and they will be used for walking and cycling...

So the narrowed down bike list;
Pugsley, still does the job it was bought for...

Karate Monkey 29er; great all day XC bike,bikepacking adventure bike,and with the Rigid fork and rear rack and semi slicks i have a burly tourer...

And for commuting check out the new `25 year old` bike -:)
I cant sell the old courier!

I`ve fitted the mudgaurds and a spare rack for the pannier and all the lights from the killer V,still to get some BOB Trailer axle nuts.
The old school 28,38,48t front chain rings and higher geared shimano 6 speed freewheel i fitted makes gearing ideal on the middle 38tooth front ring,
It also means i dont need to replace the worn outer ring,in fact i will probably grind it smooth like a chain gaurd...the IRC old school tyres are ok on the road and ideal for mud covered roads from tractors working...

Flat pedals,sit up and beg riding position with those big bars is ideal,as is the sidestand,

Having bolt on hubs is ideal and lights are all cable tied on to prevent quick theft,

Using P clips and a bit of bodging i fitted my Dutch Lock i bought last year,with a small wire loop i can lock the bike to things, very civilized,

And keeping with the Dutch theme an anglo Scottish/Dutch bell painted by Hanneke last year on Queens Day,

So 3 well theres a 4th... considering what i will get for this frame and fork i still have the 12 year old Cannondale Super V. So i have just built it up using its previous build which was on the On One frame...just needs a pair of flat pedals...

Its probably worth more to keep and ride once in a while,always a spare bike for friends and for its value ideal for leaving locked ouside the car in campsites,it has a high BB height but it climbs well and is ideal to take up north where pedal clearance is good through heather singletrack...

People ask me why i dont ride and film more at Glentress and Innerleithen Trail Centres as living only about 50 minutes drive away...probably because i rode there all the time for nearly 10 years...Different cycling on different types of bikes to what i like to do nowadays...but i will pop down with this bike soon and do some filming both at GT and Inner`s,maybe even get the knee and elbow armour dug out and show you how much fun you can have there even on an old bike like this...
In the meantime like this cold i have had for over a week i seem stuck with this frame for now...


  1. Nice to see the various bikes that you ride. Although I only ride road bikes, I do enjoy seeing the bikes that are used in other disciplines within the sport of cycling.
    Thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. Theres still all the old bikes hanging up but i cant sell them as got them for free from people trevor, will do a photo set on them soon,

  3. Mooie Hollandse fietsbel man!! ha ha

    Groetjes Tommy

  4. Het werd geschilderd door een mooi meisje Tommy -:)

  5. No more eBay. Agreed. eBay's a joke with their fees.

  6. dylster; To add the V frame on ebay with 12 Pics would be £5.60. Every week it didnt sell you would pay that and then a selling fee of i think 10%...
    I would rather sell the frame cheap to a friend and they get it than paying all that,i know its a business but they have got too greedy!

  7. Nice blog as ever Ck , Looking forward to getting my On - One. See you soon.

  8. Does this mean I need to move my two bikes that you are keeping for me?

  9. No big bro... unless i decide to be like a tree and `split` lol