Friday 23 November 2012

Global Fatbike Day - 1st December 2012

December 1st has been decided to be a world celebration day for fat bikes all around the world...

Fat Bike websites, Facebook pages, and blogs of Fat Bike owners will ride there fat bikes and post live pics on various rides on there local patch and over a 24 hour period of the globes time zones we can all watch pics or film of friends around the earth,

I will be riding here in East Lothian on the coast with friends and will post our days ride on here and on various websites and Facebook.
It is a great idea and will be fun...

On the 1st check out the big sites which will post peoples rides and links to riders own sites and blogs...

MTBR FatBike Forum


 UK FatBike Forum

In fact just a Google Search for Glabal Fat Bike day 2012 shows a whole load of rides happening!


  1. Guess who bought a FAT bike on global fat bike day? yay!

  2. Good news Ali B.!, just in time for winter snow! -:)