Thursday 29 November 2012

Video - The Sea of Rock

I love riding on sand,  and also the rocks on our coast. both those above the tide line and those exposed at low tide that are often very greasy and slippy under foot.
Riding rocks on the coast on Fat bikes is my own personal test of  technical riding these days.
With a Fat Bike and it`s low pressure and larger foot print and increased grip you can ride stuff which is near impossible on a regular bike. No need for suspension for this slow speed type of riding.

Most UK riders would say riding Trail Centres or Down Hill tracks is their own personal test of technical riding. Bikes with suspension that allow faster speeds of controlled riding.
Many of the bikes most folk ride for this are termed `All Mountain Bikes` and i included have owned bikes which fall into this collective type of bike.

Most of us will never ride our bikes anywhere near to their full capability.
Their are loads of `Huck fest` MTB film out their today, all along the same theme of life style young `dudes` riding off huge drops and jumping big gaps etc, and i never watch any of them anymore as the theme has been done to death.  Films by the likes of UK rider Danny Macaskill are always fresh and entertaining.

Here is a film of what can be done on a well set up full suspension bicycle when ridden by a very skilled rider.

This film is a whole different ball game to most riding due to its unique location in Austria, and really is `All Mountain Riding`.
A story of how an old Military bicycle has been lying up on a mountain in Austria since 1972...

This film is quite long but stick with it, as from 7mins 40 secs you will see some really great bike riding skills...

`Not your usual day at the Beach`...

SEA OF ROCK from infinite trails on Vimeo.


  1. Outstanding! It's heartening to know that there are other dafties out there who will hike up for hours just to ride down stupidly steep and rocky trails. That video is a real treat!

  2. Yep Bruce, we need a cam copter drome!! :-)