Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Sun, Wind, Sea, Sand, Surly Pugsley, -:)

The endless summer of 2013...
I will never forget this summer, and the miles and miles i have cycled under big skies with amazing cloud formations. From the coast and it`s ever changing tide line and moving sands, to trails through green and colourful woodland full of lots of small flowers, and now into late summer the golden harvest views across East Lothian.
It will go down in memory like the coldest winter of 2010/11 when i cycled through a winter wonderland when we were locked in Artic conditions of 18C, never forget that too...

Err lets try and forget about the wettest ever summer last year in 2012!.

Still many more great summer days to go yet, and hopefully we will get a great Autumn too.
On Sunday morning i rode the Surly Pugsley to a very windy coast and did some filming before the coast got busy with day visitors...

Hawthorn hedges are being cut by farmers as they wait for the main harvest to ripen...

Make sure you have some Stans Juice in your fatbike tubes!...

Very windy today, whips up some waves along the coast though...

So, a look in at "The Fortress of Solitude" Where is that?


Song is "Buckie High" by Boards of Canada
click on the cog icon to view in HD

Along to Gullane before home, and the coast was getting busier with visitors enjoying what is an amazing part of coast...

The `other` Pugsley;
The Surly KramPug got some gears tonight, friend Colin swapped the hubs over from the Karate Monkey which will be single speed now.  More on this soon.

The faster fun begins... -:)


  1. Looked a nice technical ride along the loose cobbles and sand, i particularly enjoyed the film and the music, good job.

  2. Hi Davie, thanks for looking in and glad you liked the film