Friday, 17 January 2014

28th January Public Meeting; for discussion of proposed surfacing of Becky`s Strip Byway at Whitekirk

28th January 7pm at Whitekirk Golf & Country Club is the Public Meeting to discuss the proposed use  and plan to resurface Becky`s Strip Byway.

I have already posted my own views on here on any changes to the natural surface and my interest in this old green road.

I wrote my views from an off road cyclist here on the blog and in a letter to East Lothian Courier.

You can read the Pt 1 blog post on the Byway Here...

And in Pt 2 a copy of my letter to the East Lothian Courier Here...

I love cycling old unmaintained roads with some history. So i hope the Byway remains as it is.
I guess the descision will be made in the interests of what is thought best for the County of East Lothian.

More re surfacing plans;
This is just one route of many that there are plans to resurface. Paths that are perfectly suitable for their purpose as the are.
Did you know Sustrans want to tarmac our Railway line walks?

Pencaitland Railway Path;

Longniddry to Haddington Railway path;

Prestonpans to Cockenzie by Cockenzie Power Station;

Wallyford to Pinkie Path (The Drift) and the link to the station;

New path linking car parks 1 and 2 at Lo

All Weather Surface?;
Some of you may be thinking `brilliant` if an all weather surface, well if the surface is wind dust like the present Railway line path is from Longniddry then yes it is all weather, drains and so has little ice in winter, and will not crack up with weed ingress-it can be sprayed etc if necessary..
Haddington to Longniddry Railway walk...

Cycling away from Tarmac;
I like cycling off road;
I like to cycle on the coast.
Cycling the historic old roads that are now green roads which can be linked by grass field boundaries to make up green off road routes,
Cycling the excellent all weather wind dust surfaced routes like our Railway Line paths and a lot of the John Muir Way,
Or just enjoying the miles of natural single track like along the River Tyne path and through a lot of our woodland.

Some have said it is just a muddy track-however becky`s Strip Byway has stood the test of time and people using it for years...

This was August 2012-Our wettest summer on record. The wettest i have every seen Becky`s Strip. It was muddy here south of the site of White Hall Tavern or Inn. yet it drained and recovered fine...

I cycled here in all seasons what ever the weather!...

This is the track this week-mid January after 4 inches of rain fell the previous 2 days- tyre track is a 35 mm cyclocross tyre at 80 psi!. no problem what so ever to cycle over. No wheel spinning, no damage done...

History-The Pilgrims Route;
Becky`s Strip is a mile of unmaintained green road, the only original unmaintained part of the ancient Pilgrims Route from Holy Island in Northumberland. which from Dunbar here in East Lothian ran to Whitekirk then on to North Berwick. Becky's Strip was once a main thoroughfare to North Berwick as can be seen on this old map...

Today the old Byway is a kind of bit of old road from nowhere to nowhere unless you are using it along with other green roads and grass field boundaries that are all around as part of a days walking, cycling or horse riding, from which an excellent loop can be enjoyed...
Highlighted in green high lighter are green roads and grass field Boundaries around Whitekirk.

NCR 1;
The National Cycle Route No1 is part of the North Sea Cycle Route south of Berwick Upon Tweed in Northumberland. Several miles of this route has been a grass surface for several years and has been cycled by day visitors and luggage laden cycle tourists...

A great use of Becky`s Strip for cycling;
Becky`s Strip Byway may seem an old road from nowhere to nowhere but it is not when you look at off road routes all around Whitekirk.
As a green road you can include Becky`s Strip in a great green lane cross country cycle from North Berwick;
Riding to Kingston, then it is off road all the way across to Balgone estate via grass field boundaries to Becky`s Strip, then more field boundaries to Newbyth, into Binning woods, an option for food at Smeaton or Tyninghame cafes if you want to stop, and then into East Linton from where you can ride off road on more old roads and trails to Dunbar, Haddington, or return to North Berwick on the all weather surface John Muir Way...

Future mowing?;
I have mowed most of Becky`s Strip at it`s southern end and centre and some other surrounding field boundary tracks at Whitekirk for several years with a tractor and flail mower for people to access during the summer months...

I cannot go driving a tractor across any man made artificial surface to mow the sides of the route if resurfaced as i may get blamed for damaging the surface.

See you at Whitekirk on the 28th at 7pm.
Cycle over Becky`s Strip, then follow the track through the Golf Course from the Green keepers Sheds to the Clubhouse,  and turn up on a dirty bike and i will buy you a pint -)

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