Sunday, 5 January 2014

Two Fatbikes, Submarines, baked beans and a fatbike mad hyper dog...

Is all you need for a fun couple of hours on the coast... -)

Told you Mowgli is hyper mad about fatbikes!!!
Flickr film;

The `Orange Coast` Sea Buckthorn in abundance!...

Storms have covered walked out paths through rocks, covered rocks in other places, loads of sand movement...

Look at the exposed rocks here!, used to be a sandy singletrack above the tideline!...

Headed inland at Marine Villa to ride through the grassy dunes beside Muirfield. Anywhere else have an abundance of Sea Buckthorn like here at Gullane?..

Baked Bean Trail.
Love this trail, one of my favourites, poss better to cycle east to west as we did today back to the cars...

"They say alot..."
"They" said you can`t ride in salt water as bikes will seize up and fall to bits a few years back on internet forums when folk `ahem` started riding fatbikes on the coast regularly and posting stuff online, what a load of waffle...
All they need is a bit Preperation first...
I ride steel frame bikes that see salt water  every week and they still operate fine.. -)

I like my fatbikes and cycling on the coast. I also like other types of cycling and want to do more drop handlebar cycling that will be fun and also open more cycling options to days out exploring, living here in East Lothian...

Pick up a new bike tomorrow in Edinburgh!, yeah!, post it up soon...  Life is Good  -)


  1. Great stuff Bruce, Mowgli certainly likes to run! New bike?EBC had Revolution Country Travellers at giveaway prices last week.

  2. Mowgli has tons of energy!
    I nearly went for one of those bikes Ped. i want the steel disc version!- next year!
    New bike is real nice, you will see!

  3. All the best for the new year, Bruce!

    Hmmm... a bike with a drop handlebar plus functional elements for exploring your area. Sounds like a Surly Straggler to me! :-]
    Excited about what you're going to pull out of the hat...

    Cheers from Germany