Sunday, 27 April 2014

And if Tonka made motorcycles...

It would deft be one of these!

Check out this Russian Tarus 2 wheel drive  motorcycle!,
weighs 110 lbs, so light enough to lift with one hand,
it also floats, and can be dismantled and bagged... what an amazing piece of kit!

Watch this...

Prob cannot be made road legal here in the UK but at 725 Euro once it is in production it could be a cool wee toy for around the Golf Course at my work! :)

Review here;

This motorbike instantly reminds me of another amazing Russian offroader i blogged about: The Vityaz ATV
with a steel fatbike and a Tarus 2x2 motorbike on the back were ready for the Zombie Apocalypse...

But don`t forget about the "Ze War"  when it comes to Zombies...


  1. Hi, from Siberia!

    Yes, it is the superlight 2x2 moto ATV Tarus. The Tarus produced in Russia. There are two version of the moto ATV Tarus. The Tarus-2 has a two-stroke engine and wheels with low pressure. The Tarus-2M have a four-stroke engine and wheels from 4x4 moto ATV. You can purchase the Tarus from producers at a price of 35 000 RUR (approx 600 GBP) - Moreover, you can purchase a documentation kit that allows building such moto ATV by anyone having the skills and drill grinder - More photos, videos, technical data of moto ATV Tarus and other information you can find on the project site . The email address is адресу

  2. Thanks for the info on this macsimka!