Saturday, 26 April 2014

If Tonka made bicycles...Surly Moonlander update;

They would prob be FAT... :)

The dunes at Ravensheugh beside Peffersands at Tyninghame have grown considerably since i have been riding here on fatbikes in the last 6 years, the last 2 years in particular has seen blown sand forming new dunes north wards towards the Peffer burn and the Marram Grass growing through stabilising it...

And there are a lot more tracks through the dunes to cycle on a fatbike. And your leaving less of a foot print than humans walking here!. I spent over an hour here riding in an area of less than a mile square!...

The big Surly Moonlander comes into it`s own here, with it`s huge 100mm rims and 5" Big Fat Larry (BFL`s) tyres set at 6psi front 6 1/2 psi rear (and they can go lower) it is a perfect sand surfer.
The lower gearing i fitted the other evening is better suited to this bike for on the coast.
The bike came with a 12-34 tooth 9 speed rear  cassette and 22/36tooth front rings.
Now it has a 12-36t rear and 20/33t front, and it is way better!
The 33t big ring up front allows a better drive chain alignment as not needing to go to low at the back while riding on the flat stuff, while the 20t smaller chain ring aka `the granny ring` allows crazy low gears to spin over real soft stuff through the dunes...

The Surly Moonlander is still for myself the best dune bike, proper chain alignment and all 135mm hub options are possible...

Made a wee film using the cheap Canon compact on a gorilla pod, and the Go Pro Hero 2 on a mono pod.

Song is `I`ll Hit You Back` by Janes Addiction
click on the cog icon to view in HD

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