Friday, 22 May 2015

Gullane Hill from the air...

Wee history of the coast here while i sort out a 2016 May tide time for Forth Fat 16,
Many of you who made the Saturday ride this year and the previous years who travelled from afar commented on the amount of golf courses here on the east coast. History dictates St Andrews is the home of golf with a romantic tale of shepherds playing a game with their crooks and some sheep poo or something...
The other story is it started at Lieth Links by Dutch sailors who played a hockey type game, one thing is for certain is Muirfield golf club is the oldest club in the world (formerly at Lieth-Edinburgh, now Muirfield East Lothian) and Musselburgh is the oldest golf course in the world :)
Gullane`s 3 links courses are some of the worlds most famous links and golf is one of our Counties biggest industries, and many local folks earn a living from the game that Scottish comedian Billy Connolly described as ` a waste of a good walk`, it pays the wages and pays for bicycles... :)
Being a time served Green keeper here at Gullane i am very proud of having worked here and the heritage and history of up on `The Hill`,

A Gullane time served Green keeper has a CV to go on and work anywhere in the world, But i like many ex work mates have made our home here in East Lothian as it is home, and home is where the heart is...

Gullane Hill and the scenery from the top, and the descent and trails out to the WW2 midget sub wrecks was the inspiration to organise the first Forth Fat Fatbike Gathering,And many visitors were blown away by the scenery here, along with the variation in coastal cycling,

Link to an earlier blog posts on Gullane; Gullane history

This year the Scottish Open Championship comes to Gullane Links,
and this film has been produced that show some of the amazing coastal links scenery here on our east coast... :)

More soon...

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