Monday 25 May 2015

Surly ECR- `East Commuter Rig`...

Got the Surly ECR going on a bodged 3x9 Shimano triple chain set by adding 2 spacers on the drive side of the BB, and taking the outer ring off the cassette and fitting it behind the cassette to get chain clearance on the rear tyre,
As with the Karate Monkey which all this stuff came off the Shimano SORA 9 speed STI drop bar levers do not play with the front mech and triple ring so i had to set them up for the middle and outer rings, a tap of the foot will drop the chain onto the 22 tooth inner chain ring, which is seldom used.

New cables got the brakes working better,  whole £8 from CRC!,,,

2 spacers on the BB...

Outer cog on Deore cassette fitted on the free hub...

And sorted chain/tyre clearance and no jump in remaining 8 gears...

Close in 1st gear but it will be seldom used...

This is to do until a double chain set arrives which will be ideal for this bike.

Anyways here is a wee film of the bike build and first shakedown ride to work the other day.
Song is `Eternal Sunshine`, by Mr Sunshine

15; Surly ECR; Build and first ride... from coastkid71 on Vimeo.

More soon...


  1. What do you put your films together with Bruce?
    (Wife just bought me a GoPro)
    - Antoine

  2. Hi Antoine, i downloaded Go Pro Studio which is free, it converts the files to allow to edit using my old Vista windows pc.
    If you use an Apple it will convert the files automaticly on i movies.

    The Go Pro Studio can crash sometimes-think that is my old pc! so i tend to just edit and publish a few files at a time, It all sounds time consuming but you gt quite quick at it, i just go do other stuff while the files convert and when they are publishing