Thursday, 5 October 2017

Mid week cycle; 1 hour fix at Tyninghame...

I do enjoy this time of year when the nights are growing shorter rapidly and you have to get a move on after work to get out for a daylight ride-esp if you want to do some filming. Motivation to ride is easy as your racing the sunset,
After commuting home i loaded the old Pugsley into the van and within 10 mins i was unloaded and ready to ride.
Not riding to the beach there is no need for specific cycling clothes, work clothes are fine,  just a swap to my Salomon boots, and a Merino base layer under a T shirt.
5pm and no parking charges after 4pm now were on winter hours!...

Down to Ravensheugh and the beach was deserted, perfect...

After the 40mph+ gales yesterday the dunes at Peffersands were rock hard on the top and soft on the slopes, and the beach blasted with logs and grass humps exposed.
I had one plan for this ride, head for the dunes!

Here is a short 2 minute film,
Song is `Talk-Action-Shit` by The Brian Jonestown Massacre`

Surly Pugsley Dune Surfing at Tyninghame, Oct 17 from coastkid71 on Vimeo.

More soon...

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