Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Charge Cooker Maxi 1 Alloy Fatbike build £300 + used parts...

Ok i lied it cost £315 plus used parts i already had but yeah a cool Fatbike built from the cash of selling my old car and using stuff i had to hand plus the following new parts;

Frame; clearance on eBay;   £78
wheelset with tyres;              £145
VP 100mm sq taper BB;       £18
Headset;                                £18
10 speed chain                      £18
Avid BB7 brake callipers     £18
Charge Spoon saddle           £20

What`s this? an alloy frame fatbike?
Yeah i know!, i like steel bikes, but you find me a steel Fatbike frame for this price, you simply cannot. and when i seen these advertised on eBay for this price it was a no brainer...

Used Parts;
Some of the items above  i could have sourced used but time was running out for a winter beach bike to be ready - this bike is replacing my old Pugsley which at 10 years old and Scotland`s 1st fatbike is being retired from the harsh conditions of the east coast to be restored to how i bought it, and the `Charge has been built to also preserve my Surly Wednesday with it`s suspension fork and dropper post,

A 40t 10 speed Sunrace cassette and Shimano 1 x 10 ZEE drive train was used from a previous Surly Krampus 29+  build, everything else in the spec was used at some point in previous  Fatbike builds which if i sold on eBay i would estimate to be worth around say £100?

Cheap Fatbikes buys complete;
There is a complete stock Charge Cooker 1 Maxi for sale this now on a Facebook page for £400 which is about the cheapest you can buy a decent frame set Fatbike for here in the UK,
So i kinda matched that with using used parts i had already payed for but yeah for under £500 you can get a decent built Fatbike,

Swappable stuff;
Despite being a large frame this bike measures up only a half inch longer than a medium Surly Pugsley, and my original 18" Pugsley Medium size frame bag made for my old `non drop tube` Pug Epic Designs frame bag fits this frame nicely (As it also does for my Surly Wednesday)
Ideal for stashing extra winter clothing, to a brew kit...
In case you think the bag looks too small thats a grab rail gap on the top tube for walking in snow conditions for those new to the Fatbike scene ;)

You could add on to the £30 cost of 2 x 24" inner tubes and tubeless sealant to set the wheels up Ghetto tubeless, and a set of Alpkit mudguards, but they are personal upgrades in my book...

Makes for an ideal bike for winter beach riding duties, and saving my Surly Wednesday which is my hardtail MTB in + wheel set up and with its suss forks and dropper post through the winter months...

More soon...


  1. I really like your bike builds, Bruce. Makes me look forward to getting out I'm my Rocky Mountain Blizzard -10.

    1. Thanks GravelDoc!, and enjoy your ride!


  2. This bike looks so great, perfect mix of black and dark red!