Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Making a film...

Out early doors and nearby is a harvested field still left in stubble with bales in December!...

Folks have asked me how easy is it/how do i have the time to make so many films for the blog?
It is actually quite easy and quick, here is how to make a film of around or under 3 minutes - the ideal time length  from 9 minutes of film i shot.

I rode 3 passes across the field, returning to the start in a loop on the road after each pass,

First pass using the helmet cam, second pass with the mono pod...

And third pass some point and shoot,

coastkid patent pending mono pod attachment!,  Go pro mount drilled and countersunk 4mm  bolt with nut underneath jammed in a 90 degree junction allowing quick swaps between mounts!...

Back home and the 3 minute each segments were up loaded onto i movie in the order i filmed them, i cut all the unusable stuff at the start and end of each clip,  then third each segment into three x 1 minute segments,
Keep two 10 second segments and delete one segment, drag one in three segments into line to get a flow of different angles as i rode across the field...

Tidy up the film to keep the changes flowing and add fade/mix between shots, then add a pic for a start and finish...

Then add Audio, if the song is too long i movie will cut the audio at the end of your film, choose a song that suits the mood/weather/riding speed,

Editing tips;

Watch for shadows with mono pod/stationary cameras, though sometimes it cannot be helped,

Zoom out as you ride to the camera, zoom in as you ride away from the camera,

Riding past the cameras a short shot, turning 90 degrees half way across gives a longer shot -you can do this riding to the camera also,

Keep each shot around 10 - 15 seconds to keep the film interesting - unless you wish to show the entire route your riding with head or chest cam,

On the above advice the head cam will give a remote look unless a rider in front, chest cam gives a more involved on bike view.

Pictures added in can capture distant views better than a fish eye lenses of an action camera,

Try and have a start and end to you film, the law of three`s,

Upload to YouTube or Vimeo which will take around  30-60 minutes and job done...

Here is the film,
Song is `Je suis le vent` by Working For A Nuclear Free City

Surly Pugsley Winter harvest field cycle Dec 17 from coastkid71 on Vimeo.

More soon...

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  1. Some good tips,even if you dont make film clips. thanks.