Friday, 11 December 2009

foggy friday

i biked into work today in freezing fog,in the dark the fog was crystal like glitter in the beam of the lights,visibility was about 20feet,slowed the cars down...
heres a pic outside once at work,the shed lights outside reflecting of the fog...

around 10am the sky was clear above and the tops of the lammermuir hills poked out the mist while all below was under the mist,looked amazing,i should have took the tachyon camers and set up a timelapse..oh well..

i got a wee bit of a halo around my shadow with the sun behind me..nothing special but still...a halo!!

early bed tonight as a big day out tomorrow...,either 50 miles over the local lammermuir hills or around the county on local trails,depends on the fog...,if its the hills then taking the 29er if local trails be on the pugsley.. as they say...later..