Friday, 18 December 2009

snow is go...tomorrow

we didnt get much snow here around the coast today but the ground is solid and even better bone dry...any snow now will lie...i rode to work anyway on pugsley along glittering frosty back roads untreated with salt the hard frost crunching under the big 4" endomorph tyres..
first off heres a pic of a grassy mound on top of whitekirk hill where i work..

it is believed to be a burial cairn of 2 unknowen "coventers" killed in a skirmish here in 1678,it is not well known or documented in recent local history publications and i have tried to find out about its history and what happened..

new blogger friend alister who is also a east lothian resident is delving into his resources to find out any other information,maybe once we know the fact of what happened a sign or stone could get put up..oh before you ask i made the hexagonal seat on top and it isnt cemented or buried into the cairn it just sits on top...
the lammermuir hills are alot whiter now than when these pics were taken at 10am...

gonna be fun tomorrow..
also just fitted part of my xmas pressie to myself earlier...

how cool is that?,compliments the hip flask...

bought this from edinburgh bike co-op
think it will be nice to have a hot cuppa with some choc chip cookies out on the trail in this weather...
and i also bought this which i look forward to reading...

ghost trails is alaskan based blogger jill homer`s experience of riding the 350mile alaskan iditabike on her pugsley 2 years ago and by all reviews and if its anything like her brilliant writing on her blog it will be a great read,jill`s photos of the mountains around juneau where she lives are fantastic,a blog worth following if you have an interest in the outdoors of alaska,
her book is available to buy in the UK here
outside skys have cleared here and below 0 celcius already and its only 6pm,
fires stoked and on full bore...radiators are scorching...time for cider...


  1. I hope that the thermos bottle holder is tough enough, for active cycling. But a very interesting set up.
    Talking about “tough”, I love to follow Jill’s Alaskan Blog.

    Greetings from someone without snow covered hills grrrrrr lol

  2. I love that thermos mount. On winter Pugsley rides, I usually carry a thermos of Hot Chocolate in my frame bag. This would definitely free up some precious space in the frame bag.

  3. Hot chocolate on winter rides. I like the sound of that.

  4. Typical Scottish survival equipment

    Hot chocolate in the Thermos bottle and Whiskey in the hip flask. LOL

    "Ah wull deliberately git lost"

  5. I'm liking the flask.
    I wonder if I can swap my normal bottle for a flask?

    If you haven't got snow already then by the looks of the forecast you could well be in luck!

  6. flask was a bonus out over weekend!,recommend!!