Thursday, 17 December 2009

snow forcast...!

its looking likely im gonna get some snowbiking done up on the local lammermuir hills this weekend..,forcast is light snow tonight,tomorrow,heavy snow Saturday,
we had sleet showers all day but they were wet (and cold!) and never lay for long at work ,but inland the lammermuir hills are pretty white so should be good by Saturday...
it was bitter cold today with the northerly wind and dampness,least if it snows it will warm up a bit,we got a small flurry just as i got home from work after 3pm...

before i made some food some pugsley maintenace in the kitchen...warmer than out in the workshop...

i fitted the spare endomorph tyre as the rear is over half worn now after around 1600miles...

i will get better grip on snow with the new tyre on,some folk reverse them for more though you get a little more drag on tarmac..

the classic pugsley hand on tyre pic...every owner has one...

so yeah be great if this weather holds and i can go a snowride at the weekend,the lammermuirs are about 10 miles from home so will car it in so far then ride up,
skys are clearing tonight and the ground is drying with the wind so any snow will lie,certainly cold enough thats for sure...fingers crossed..
going to ride the pug up to work tomorrow (friday),so one thing is definite
whatever the weather,i will be the only person in scotland commuting on a pugsley tomorrow...
strange that aint it?.only one in 5 million...!


  1. Send me your old Endos man, that old tyre looks brand new compared to my two ;^)

    I'll hopefully be getting a Larry for the front next year.

  2. older tyre is going back on the pug after the snowy season antoine!,just wanted that bit extra grip..,i too want a larry tyre,front end was a bit twitchy in 4x4 hardpacked ruts today..