Saturday 26 January 2013

Saturday - a search for good snow...

With a change in the weather the snow has almost disappeared here in East Lothian in the last 4 days.
Only the Lammermuirs remain coated. I hoped it would be cold enough to not start thawing yet up there and invited friend Jason a loan of my pug as he is awaiting for return of his new frame from the powder coaters.
A fatbiker with no fatbike is like a bear with a sore head... so happy to help out with some `fat therapy`  ...
We drove up to Gifford and on towards Longyester where we found a parking space on a bend in the road which a snow plough had run wide on....
Could not believe how deep it was here. 2 - 3 feet with deeper drifts in places...

Hike a bike to the gate...

Not today though...

Back down to Longyester...

That's deep drifts!...

Some film...
click on the  cog icon to view in HD
Song is `Mississippi  Two Tone`  by Phontaine...


  1. Wow, nice footage! Wish we had that amount in Holland!
    Cheers, Frank.

  2. Hey Bruce, think we said hi as we ran past! should have stopped to chat but the sun was in our eyes and didn't twig it was you till we were up the road.

    Brian (with Mary and Ursa the husky)

    1. Meant to say great pics, what an adventure!

  3. Hi Brian, yes, you have a lovely husky!, maybe see you guys again! was a lovely day up there -:)

  4. CK have kept up with your posts even though I've had a long absence from my blog. Again, thanks for your motivational words. I'm on my way back........belated Happy New Year!

  5. Hi DummyDiva, good to hear from you!

  6. Hi Coastkid

    Do you believe in UFOs? Well you ought to because you filmed two in your video of the ride.

    Play this in full-screen, in HD, and watch the top right of the video:

    You get two bright, disk-shaped objects coming into view.

    Unless you added these using CGI, then you bagged yourself a couple flying saucers.


  7. Hi, Wow what were they?! i never noticed that!
    I guess i don`t really believe in UFOs, though i am a fan of the original 3 Star Wars Films, so like there being `a force` -:)

    Well done spying this! i am intrigued!

  8. Hi Coastkid

    What are they? They're either some airforce's playthings or visitors from somewhere beyond our ken.

    But it's not snowflakes for sure.

    Nice capture.