Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Soon be a year since i got my Surly Moonlander fatbike.
On the 3rd February 2012 it was Touchdown for a bicycle i pre ordered and waited 7 months for to arrive here in the UK.

For myself the most anticipated bicycle since the arrival of the Surly Pugsley, a bicycle that itself has over the last 5 years  amazed me with where it can be ridden here on the coastline where often a regular MTB struggles and is not a lot of fun to ride without a lot of effort.

The new Surly Moonlander promised to push the envelope and go that bit further with its wider 4.7" tyres on 100mm single wall machine drilled rims.
It has proved to be amazing to ride on the coast here in East Lothian SE Scotland and the Northumberland Coastline of NE England.
Anywhere that has really soft sand, slick rocks, loose shingle, pebbles etc.
Places i have ridden with my pugsley but in places still a bit of a struggle the Moonlander romps over. It is for me the ultimate coast riding bike.
The Moonlander is not as good as the pugsley on regular trails or road. For instance i would not like to ride around the Island of  Harris but it is not what i bought the bike for...

I have already blogged a Surly Moonlander Review and since buying the bike i have only upgraded the rear hub and BB to Hope components along with a spare Hope headset, and having swapped the bars out for carbon risers, swapped them again out for 750 wide risers, 3 chains, Michelin  Desert motorcycle 21"x3.00 tubes and after a tartan seat fitted since new i recently fitted a 1960s Brooks Professional saddle friend Dave gave me, the same type as fitted to the pugsley, as they are amazingly comfortable and narrow enough to get off over the back of the bike. Apart from that the bike is pretty stock...

So here is some film from the last year riding the big Moonie ...
Click on the cog icon to view in HD

Song is `Trip like i do`  by `The Crystal Method`


  1. Awesome Bruce!!
    It's nice see where and how you ride. So different than what I ride!!
    Pedal On!!
    Peace, Joe

  2. Fantastic ! I'd forgotten about the clangers.