Saturday, 9 March 2013

Surly Moonlander on the rocks; Marine Villa...

Into March and as always it feels like you have turned a corner as the light evenings have started to draw out.
Home from work and there is a couple of hours daylight to do stuff in the garden, sort firewood, or go ride a bicycle...

The warm weather of the last two weeks  has been great with no rain,
Thursday and all that changed as a cold front came in from the North sea.
Bitter cold easterly winds with rain which has seen temperatures plummet...

Today (Saturday) was Baltic cold as i rode west from North Berwick in the tailwind assisted gale and heavy rain showers battered my back around 9am...
Huge waves from a big swell pushed in on the coast, awesome to see...
Too wet to use my compact i managed to grab a pic when the rain went off briefly as i rode west to Marine Villa...

The rocks below Marine Villa we often cycle over here at low tides are slippy when dry at the best of times, after the recent wet weather the rocks were in places like ice, but still not a reason to not ride here on the Moonlander, which just eats up rock fields...
It was really slippy on some of the wet rocks, it was like riding on Vaseline,

Perfect tune then for this film; `Dancing on Vaseline` by `Thievery Corporation` Ft David Bryne (Talking Heads)

click on the cog icon to view in HD


  1. Good to see that you managed out. It was a bit grim this morning! I keep an eye out for waterproof compact cameras but they seem pretty poor quality for the price. I'll stick with the freezer bag method.

  2. I went to the Rugby, you were better on the beach Bruce. Anyone cleaned the new track yet ??

  3. Was a real cold wet ride guys...
    No claims (on film) of cleaning that climb yet Stuart!

    1. Hey there!

      I've tried my best to find your email to no avail so I'll have to get in touch here.

      My name is Jack Luke and I'm a photography student at the Edinburgh College of Art. I've recently started a new cycling blog and I'd really like to do a feature on you and your riding in and around East Lothian.

      If you're interested, if you could email me on jack.jd.luke at, that'd be fantastic!

      I look forward to hearing from you,