Tuesday, 23 April 2013

3 Sleeps to FORTH FAT...

Countdown to the weekend, and the biggest ever gathering of Fatbikes in the UK...

Most of the riders coming along for the weekend or for one of the two days rides know all the details via the UK FatBike Forum  and/or UK Fatbikes Facebook page,

Those that are not camping and in B&Bs and driving in for Saturdays ride are meeting at the North berwick Rugby Club car park (which is a Council Car park and free parking) and will be ready to ride at 9.30am as the campsite  group will roll out exactly on 9.30am, those running late will have to catch up as were riding to meet a turning tide - and the tide waits for no one,

If you want to come down to North Berwick High Street and see the bikes cruising past we will be rolling through North Berwick High Street between 9.35am and 9.45am exactly - were riding through non stop because of the size of the group, leaving Tantallon campsite 9.30am and stopping at the North Berwick Rugby Car Park 5 mins later and will be through the High Street at 9.45am...

We will all be back in NB and parked at the Fish & Chip shop/ Ship Inn for 5pm and be there a few hours, come and say high and pinch the tyres...

I met up with BBC Radio Scotland  `Out of Doors` programme presenter Mark Steven last night for a Recorded beach ride here at North Berwick which will be broadcast maybe this Saturday but more likely the next again Saturday, Mark rode my Surly Pugsley and was amazed at how it rode over the very soft sand above the boating pond on the East Beach. He thought the bikes were amazing and had that usual big grin everyone has when they have a shot of them on the beach...

It was fun doing the interview and again something new to experience, interesting how Mark catches all the noises and describes the experience that will paint a picture to listeners when it is aired. Return here for  link or download of the beach ride with Mark, i have tabbed the post as `Radio Scotland Out of Doors Beach ride`


  1. 3 sleeps! Aw man, it's like Xmas but better! Very much looking forward to this.


    Ps Will you still talk to the little people now that you are a showbiz legend?

  2. See you Friday Sanny!, told Colin to pop down Thursday evening to pick up the pugsley -:)
    Aye were still mates despite the fame! -:)

  3. I'll not be there mate. Got motorbikes to collect and trees to cut down (well, help cut down). Have a good one, I'll see the photos.

  4. Shame you cannot make it Mike,