Monday, 22 April 2013

Sunday Morning Singletracking...

Out early Sunday morning on the SURLY Karate Monkey around a favourite loop of the local Garleton Hills Ridge Road and the great single track trails from Haddington Town to East Linton Village alongside the river Tyne.

Look how dry the ground is!...

The Athelstaneford Royal Observer Corps Cold War Monitoring bunker Here on the Garleton Hills will, i bet be complete when they stood it down and demolished it, i bet they just shut the door into the monitoring room and knocked down the 2 small towers above ground level and threw them down the entrance shaft and then filled it with other rubble,
i wonder what they left inside..

I got some chest Go Pro camera `chest cam` film along the local single track when it is so dry and before everything bursts into bloom - the trails i filmed riding today are public paths, shared by all and you have to be carefull and aware of people walking, dogs off leads and young children...  once the trees and bushes bloom visibility is limited and you cannot really go ripping along single track trails with blind corners...

MTB films of just a chest camera angle can get a bit boring to watch, esp for non cyclists, though for the mountain biker it gives a good view of a trail. We have some brilliant single track trails here in East Lothian if you know where to go...

So here is 3 Chest Cam films, quite a work out nailing it along these trails but its the time of year to do it, though the trails were hard and the new trail west of Haddington alongside the river Tyne is very bumpy, my bike was jumping gears and feet bouncing off the pedals - why i have named the section from Abbey mill bridge to Hailes Castle `The Rattler` even on the bendy and springy Karate Monkey it was a harsh ride...
It wasn't rain on the lenses but sweat!...

The first film (film 2 - done a KM film already), is the Garleton descent, kids have dug up the trail and ruined the flow of this superb trail, which is also a public path and on the Core Path Plans, and i will be removing the jumps and filling in the holes... does nothing for public relationships with bikes and as i say ruins the flow of a superb descent...

Film 2;
Descent south from Barney Hill
Song is `Molly's Lips` (John Peel Session) by Nirvana...
click on the cog icon to view in HD

Film 3;
Haddington to Hailes Castle along the river Tyne trail... the rattler...
Songs by Phontaine; `track 10`  `Isla de la Piedra` and `WASH`
click on the cog icon to view in HD

Film 4;
Hailes Castle to East Linton
song is `Break to the Future` (extended) by Phontaine

This bike is ace!, so much fun and so fast,  i like to bimble about the coast on my fat bikes and stop for a look about at stuff, but i also love going for solo rides on bikes like this and nailing it everywhere and in the process give myself a good workout, this bike is fun... Life is Good... -:)

Oh i believe this pub is re opening here in East Linton, if so that is good news as this was always the cyclists pub... so hopefully there will once again be bikes parked up outside on Thursday evenings, maybe some FatBikes too...


  1. Molly's Lips! The Vaselines claimed it was about Hazel McWitch in Rentaghost, played by Molly Weir, Tam Weir's sister. Great films!

  2. I watched some of your videos... kept thinking "I would hit one of those trees", "I would end-up in that river". ;^)

    p.s Nirvana track was a perfect match!

  3. I need to do more KM films to Nirvana!

  4. The Drovers reopening? That would be amazing, it was always my favourite pub. One of the reasons I nmoved here!

    Where did you hear that?

  5. Someone from the Village was saying up at work last week Derek, Thursday evening rides with a pint after? -:)