Sunday 7 April 2013

Sat evening low tide on the Carr Rocks with the Moonlander

I headed to the coast on Saturday evening  for a ride across the Carr Rocks at Seacliff on the Moonlander Fatbike now with the Jones steel Truss fork fitted.
A 1.2 meter spring low tide allowed a visit out to the exposed wreck of the SS Poderosa that ran aground here in 1896, just one of many ships wrecked here on the infamous rocks....

Not all wrecks here were accidents,  some were caused by `The Pagans of Scoughall`  who lured ships onto the rocks at night in storms with a lantern tied to a horses head and leg and walked along the cliff tops, ships at sea would see the bobbing light which looked like a ship at anchor and seeking shelter from the storm would come in to shore, and meet their fate on the rocks. You can read more about the Wreckers, and the SS Poderosa wreck here on a previous blog post;

If your a RUSH fan then check out this film of their track `The Wreckers`

The Jones steel Truss Fork recently fitted is an improvement riding the rocks, once up to speed the comfort and steering is better, the front end does not flip flop like before, it romps across the rocks giving confidence to push it more over stuff i would previously think `i`m going over the bars here...`

Moonlander heaven...

Plenty of granny ring action here...

Soon be time for nesting birds out at the navigation marker so no admittance , so i took the opportunity to ride out, finding a new way through some of the sections it is now about 70% ride able to the marker, but i must stress it is dangerous out here as the rocks are covered at high tide, and it was silly to go out here an hour before sunset...

Love this bike and what it can do, it really opens your mind to new riding possibilities and pushes your skills...

Shot some film, mostly with the Go Pro, and some with the compact, as with the last film something is going on with my PC and the films are not publishing in HD, i don`t know what is going on and hope to sort it out,
most people watch stuff on phones anyway and they take a lot less time to publish and upload anyway...

Here is one amazing bit of coastline, you will find out how techy if you make it to FORTH FAT and choose to take the Sunday hard option here east of Seacliff -;)

Song is `Take my Soul` by Thievery Corporation


  1. Good post Bruce, the funny looking forks are beginning to grow on me.

  2. Hi Ped, aye there addictive like these bikes!