Friday, 28 March 2014

FORTH FAT; One week to go!

One week to go folks!, Looking forward to seeing old faces and meeting the many new faces coming along!

Details of the weekend is all Here on the blog or click on the icon to the right...

Also there is a Facebook page

And the UK Fatbike Forum page for the weekend is Here
You have to register to be a member.
If your a member and coming along it is where you have 2 days left to order a T shirt, which you pre pay, then Gil will bring them along, Gil has also done free stickers!, top bloke!
The T shirt logo has an East Coast theme to it seeing as your gonna be cycling the links that once was home to grazing stock...

We also have some bottles donated by Steve at NB Gin made here in our seaside town!.

It would make a nice toast out at the WW2 submarine wrecks on the Saturday to the crews of 10 of those tiny wee XT Class and X Class vessels that never returned from active service...

Keep your fingers crossed for decent weather here on the coast for the following weekend!

More soon...

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