Sunday, 16 March 2014

Saturday; Back on the coast, 6 hours riding of trails and sandy singletrack...

Saturday dawned a bit over cast and blowing a gale but who cares as it`s the weekend and time to go ride!...
Sanny and Colin came to my house early and we did a good workout riding nearly 6 hours to North Berwick then west to Gullane, returning to North Berwick and back for coffee at coastkid HQ.
We rode the John Muir Way, field boundaries, sandy trails and single track, open beaches, techie rock sections, the whole deal with some chocolate, nuts, ice cream and toasties, chips, baked potatoes, and a cider all in between. 1 puncture, 1 tumble goofing around on a bench, and one over the bars incident that sadly i never caught on camera!
As often happens when i ride with Sanny he takes the pics while i shoot film using the Go Pro...

 Sanny then lets me post his pics up on here,

So with out further a do, roll the pics by Sanny...

Err that's not coastkid HQ above :)

Some film i shot with the Go Pro,
Songs are;
 `Choose One`  by Big Dro & Zin Deadly
and `The Blue Room` by The Orb.
Click on the cog icon to view in HD


  1. Shame you never got Sanny's crash, the king of cool looked like he did a superman act!

  2. King of cool? Some mistake surely? It was more scorpion than superman! Even laughing hurts like hell. Doh!

  3. Hope your not too sore and back to trail readieness soon Sanny!