Thursday, 27 March 2014

Pumpkin Pugsley; wee film after work

Francis `s horses Gina and Alfie liked the Pumpkin Pugsley when i passed by this evening on a detour home from work!
Funny though that the orange horse Mar-ida came over first to see the orange pumpkin pugsley!

Watch the film to see, what tune? ha ha!

`Orange crush` by REM!
Filmed in SD with the cheap Canon compact camera


  1. I know how much work you put into your hd films, but I like these happy wee sd rides. Must be a lot easier to edit too. What do you think of the floaters?

  2. Great upgrade, and the orange looks fantastic in the green of East Lothian! Greetz from Flanders, Luke.

  3. The Floaters are good Peter, not as grippy in mud as Nates but less draggy on tarmac. they are nice and drifty on dry windust on the JMW in a controlable way.
    Running at 8psi ft 81/2psi rr the same as Nates and they feel more floaty, good for £80 pair!

    Thanks Luke!