Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Mid Week Cycle; Ride up the Ridge Road

`Summertime, and the living`s easy...`

Sure is!, even with the forecasted heavy thunder due this week, great being out mid week enjoying the light evenings...

Midweek and i cycled the Surly KramPug to work today. Once home i swapped it back to the regular MTB bar set up and i rode up the Garleton Ridge Road as the light faded from the day...
An hour cycling up the Garleton Hills Ridge Road gets that fix.
Just 10 miles and some great views, even if robbed again of a skyline sunset by the clouds...

Some film i shot with the Go Pro helmet mount, shows how long the grass is this year!
Song is `Reach for the Dead` by Boards of Canada. can use this on Vimeo without all that copyright crap of Youtube!

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