Friday 11 July 2014

Midweek cycle; Back out on the Carr Rocks at Seacliff

Nearly mid July and the Edinburgh trade holidays. Ride any ware on the coast near a  car park in this great summer weather were having and the beaches are mobbed. But there is always somewhere away from the crowds to go ride when you have a fatbike :)

I took the big Moonlander down to Seacliff beach on the car the other evening once home from work.
Big blue summer sky!...

I do not mind paying £2 to access by car to park above the private beach, as it is usually devoid of the Ned car culture who empty their cars rubbish before leaving and so always cleaner.
However in the heat of another scorcher...the main beach was mobbed with day visitors even at 5pm!..

But just ride east around the corner of the sand in the picture and along the next half mile of coast as the tide receded over the next hour a whole Fatbike playground is revealed twice a day...

Apart from a couple of birdwatchers at the west end and one bloke who came past the rocks were empty :)

Air shot from my Microlight flight 2 years ago of the Carr rocks...

No one else seems to post pics or make films of rock crawling on fatbikes across what is the sea bed exposed at low tide,
It is technical, challenging, and you can get away from Joe public and go cycle where a regular MTB would never find the grip, i enjoy it, and the Surly Moonlander proves as always an amazing bike across these conditions  :)

I shot some film with the compact camera on the Gorrila pod,

Vimeo vs YouTube;
I uploaded the film first to Vimeo before YouTube, as my preferred choice now to YouTube,
With Vimeo there is no irritating pop up adverts,
no restrictions of chosen audio,
Vimeo automatically shows your film in the format you up loaded ie; High Definition (HD),  while with YouTube you have to select HD on the cog icon,
And with Vimeo there is no annoying re-signing in where with YouTube it tries to make you switch to your Google account!, WTF that is about i do not know!,
Also since Google linked with YouTube you do not get emails to your chosen email address (yahoo for myself) of comments made, so you can miss questions asked about your films-locations, bikes etc by people,

It is £50 a year to subscribe to Vimeo Pro account but i reckon i will do it soon as you get unlimited upload and the quality of your HD films are definitely better once uploaded than when on youtube,

Song is `Fragments` by Thievery Corporation

Some rock crawling on the big Surly Moonlander across some of the Carr Rocks exposed at low tide, real greasy on the seaweed!, but still good fun...

More soon...

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