Tuesday 4 November 2014

MK 1 Surly Pugsley for sale

Update 6th Nov;   Sold today to a happy new owner :)

I am restoring my original MK 1 Grey Pugsley to how it was, as Scotland's first fatbike
So selling the Purple Pug- sadly i cannot afford to keep it too... sometimes you have to do something you will probably later regret...

Buy your self the original Surly Fatbike!

MK 1 Purple Surly Pugsley size Medium for sale £650  (frame bag and tools not included)
Stock Pugsley build;
Marge Large rims (Polished)
Truvativ 9 speed 32/22 cranks with outer Hope Bash ring
Hope headset,
LX chainrings,  LX 36t steel cassette,
Microshift 9spd thumb shifters
Brooks Pro saddle,
As new Gumwall Nates tyres,

Buyer collects, East Lothian :)