Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Tomorrows Harvest... Is there a new BOC album coming soon?


Harvest time soon in East Lothian, when the county turns golden brown as fields of Wheat and Barley are ready for the Combines to do their work, I love cycling through harvested fields as much as cycling on the coast,
You can get away from people and explore corners of the county with no tracks that often make them  unapproachable by bike the rest of the year...

So... the internet is full of gossip of a possible new Album on the way by Boards of Canada, probably my favourite music to use on cycling films for my blog.
Social media pages are full of reports of something happening, wether there is something happening or not it gets the pulses beating as would love some new music to add to films,
Boards of Canada have a unique music which I love, it is music I would describe where you can lose yourself and find yourself when immersed  in their unique sounds when out cycling,   cycling to their music in headphones I can zone out when along the coast, dunno but I can't quite put how it makes me feel in words, but can experience a zone out feeling... oh if you know me then you will know what I am on about...

The Brothers live here in East Lothian and are seen going about their lives, to many others unaware who they are, legends in the Electronic music world,  respecting their want to just be out living a quiet life I have observed from a distance but never said hello, guess that is what I am also like, riding Fatbikes brings you strangers questions and I find it awkward to speak to strangers, once you know folk they will tell me they cannot shut me up!, but that's just my passion for the coast here and cycling in East Lothian.

It was a surprise though for myself when I received a copy of their last album Tomorrows Harvest a week before it's release date...

You can read about that Here...

This year has been a year of unusual circumstances with Covid 19,
3 months lockdown and self isolating, what better chance than to go to ground and get creative and produce some new music?, the local cafes were closed and so plenty of time to lock down and produce and refine stuff... in these uncertain times for many with The Covid and job security fans would be more welcome than ever for some new listening...

My year has certainly been a different year!, I became single at the start of the year,  wandering about a bit lost and unsure of what to do, sell the house?, jack my job?, pack a bike and just start cycling with my world possesions on me and go looking for answers?, always I have been looking for answers when things have fallen away, from Relationships, to jobs,  to receiving the news I had (a mild) MS condition, then a Kidney Tumour Cancer last year. I had a lot to think about last year after that Operation when off work 2 months.  
I then met and started started dating G just before lockdown in February and you know? it all just fell into place, I have met my Doppelganger partner and i now know everything is going to be ok whatever life throws at me.
And we then spent 3 months together in a bubble when lockdown was announced , staying away from people, and staying safe and and escaping with bikes to places far away from all the chaos...

And were still together as strong as ever, I moved in with G last month, my house will soon be sold, and I plan to work part time in the future to enjoy life out and about more here in the Shire cycling and blogging with a real big coast cycle planned for next year; Cycling and Documenting the whole Scottish East Coast mile by mile, which will take most of the year doing it a few days at a time - more of that in the Springtime next year...

But for now I hope to get in some harvest cycling next week when back off work on last week of Furlough...

And keeping my fingers crossed for a new BOC album soon!...

More stubble stuff soon...!


  1. All the best for the next phase of your life.

    1. Thanks Dave, i always keep telling myself whats meant for you will not go past you, thanks for looking in on the blog and your positive comments along the way :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hey big bro!
      Life is good... been saying that for years through ups and downs,
      The journey continues! :)

  3. Happy for you Bruce.
    Keep healthy x

  4. Been reading your blog for ten years now. Great to hear things worked out again and you're full of plans for next year. Up to at least another ten years :-)
    Luke from Belgium