Sunday 21 October 2012

Autumn Day on the coast at its best...

Sunday was supposed to be a Salsa Fargo ride with a bit of Autumn colour but the thing is that Autumn really has not happened here in East Lothian yet. A lot of trees have just shrivelled leaves and dropped them after all the rain of recent weeks. Don`t know why Radio Scotland keep banging on about a great Autumn after the wet summer because it is not here!, might happen yet in a few weeks but not going to be anything special...

One life live it...
Today i did a ride not for myself but for my dad. When he gets out of hospital he will not walk again on the beaches and coastline he spent his life on from 1970 to 1990 as East Lothians first and Senior Countryside Ranger for Scotland's first Countryside Ranger service...
He will get to see the coast from the car but not walk the secluded areas of coastline away from the public.
That's where i come in as my blog pictures have become a way to show dad our coastline today and how it is changing with on going  coastal erosion and regeneration like i posted on at Aberlady Bay last week.

Sunday was a lovely clear Autumn day. It was supposed to be only 9 degrees Celsius, but was warmer than that, maybe the last warm Sunday of this year on the coast...
So i rode the Moonlander from North Berwick out to Aberlady Bay and instead of bike riding pics tried to capture the views and wildlife as viewed from the saddle...

It`s a hard job but someone has to do it... -:)


  1. A Hard Job? Aye right!

    Great that your Dad will still get to see the coastline via your photo's buddy. Not ideal of course but I'm sure he will appreciate them - and the fact that his love of and respect for nature and the land carries on in his boys.


    We're off on Tues for a week in Aberfeldy. Maybe we can finally catch up when I get back?

  2. Great pics. If Archie has any requests for pics from down this way just say.

  3. Sorry to hear the news about you Dad. He won't be far from the coast with your blog though.

  4. Thanks guys, Alistair i will deft catch up for a pint with you soon!, ped you should come along and meet Al too -:)

  5. good work Bruce, I'm sure your dad will aprreciate this

    and get your self a better camera, those scenes deserve better :-)

  6. A real good wee compact is on the want list Steve! New bukes keep getting in the way!, some new cycling gear to buy then be a new camera -:)