Saturday 27 December 2014

£40 720p Sports camera?, yep!

Our local Hardware store is selling a 720p (HD) waterproof Sports camera for £40.
£40?, yep!, Francis bought one and gave it to me to try out, if any use she will use it horse riding. It is small and very light, and using a 80 degree wide lens means you will get a far distant view but at close quarters things will become shaky and blurry if you move too quick, maybe not ideal if on a horse, or bicycle but for the money worth a punt..

The straps for the helmet mount are a bit naff, i need to change them out for something else to work with Francis`s Horse Endurance helmet-which is vented but not like a cycling helmet, there is a bar mount included which i can use...

For now i used some 3M snap Velcro, you can buy it on eBay- Meter lenght`s of the white stuff is best value. I already had some short black stuff...

 If applied properly to a clean surface (use alcohol wipes) and left overnight this stuff is very strong...

Using a narrow field of view is not ideal on the side of a helmet as the horizontal has to be spot on as can easily result in squint angles- as it was today a bit when i tried out the camera!

But i just wanted to try it to see the quality...

And this afternoon i drove down to John Muir Park for an hour cycle and despite being overcast there was some lovely light out to sea...

The film i did is a bit shaky and the narrow 80 degree field of view means i have to slow down head movements and make sure the camera is set at the right angle for forward view-it was too low but it was not too bad when used stationary,
It is not as good as a £100 basic Go Pro,  but then it is only £40 so worth trying out a few times to work out how best to use it...

Quick film i uploaded,
Song is `Gemini` by Boards of Canada
Click on the cog icon to view in HD


  1. At £40, it might be worth a pop. Was that from Turnbull's Bro?

  2. Yes big bro, Turnbull`s now bwing part of the Home Hardware chain, i will try the bar mount today!